Sunday, 29 September 2013

Trimmings, offcuts, leftovers…..

I am finishing the quilted panels based on the Scallop, and have quite a few offcuts from the sides of these.  I used a great piece of cloth for the back of these that glows with yellows and reds, so the trimmings needed to be made in to something.


Resulting 5 postcards


These look a bit bleached out on my screen, they really are vibrant in today's sunshine.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Designing, more in my comfort zone with paper cutting

Back to Morley this week,  and we are continuing to generate potential print imagery, using a variety of design methods.  This week, instead of a pencil, we had scalpels in hand, so I was fully in my comfort zone.  Overlaying different tones of papers to get  design, the outcomes are shown below.

Just short of A4 size

IMG 0055

Based on this photograph of bicycle handlebars,


the design below.  I wasn't happy with this, so am going to change it later.

IMG 0064

We also tried cyanotype printing, but my result was too blurry to mention, but it did start with a flash of colour from some incredible abutilons in the Morley garden.  This post is too monochrome, so here they are.

Abutilons  Version 2

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Big gap and new shoes

I've had a family funeral to deal with - neither unexpected nor tragic, so a relief all round.  Still, curious the effect of this.  I felt an urge to clean out every drawer and cupboard in the kitchen when I got back home…..and the need for shiny new shoes in my favourite colour, from here.

IMG 0052

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Morley has started again, and I survived having to draw

So this term, I am back at Morley on Tuesdays, doing a course called " Design and Print".  The textile studio has been refurbished.  Gone are the startling yellow walls, the red metal roof beams, the encrusted sinks, the slightly dodgy and too small fume cupboard, and the water tanks that always  ran out of water by the end of the day.  It all seemed rather endearing at the time, but all is whisked away to be replaced with lots of white paint, and brand new fittings.

The tutor went straight in with a drawing and design exercise.  Three drawings of different objects from our bags, from three different angles, by three different individuals.   I did not let panic set in, but got on with it as best as I could.  As the tutor wanted drawings as loose and sketchy as possible, I could eventually relax into it.  We then photocopied the resulting drawings, , reduced them in size on the photocopier, and played with composition of the resulting shapes.  

First composition, can you identify the original items*?, just larger than A4 size

IMG 0021

Second composition, with multiple copies.  too mch white space down the centre strip, but starting to look interesting.

IMG 0031

* scissor case and scissors, pot full of tea bags with open lid, glasses case with a box of pins.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Great River Race…. it must be nearly autumn

The Great River Race finishes close to where I live.  It is a great event in which to take part, and to watch.  So much textile inspiration from the colours and lines of these boats, all paddled or rowed 21 miles upstream on an incoming tide.  An added bonus was the appearance of Gloriana, built in Richmond.


A walk along the river to finish a beautiful, late summer afternoon, seeing some brave souls continuing to row home upriver.


Friday, 6 September 2013

Working to a deadline

It helps to have a deadline for a long-term project.  I have submitted an entry for the exhibition "Water, Water" to be held in November.  Submitted work has to be completed by the end of September, so I've been quilting these pieces by hand and machine.  The lovely, variegated thread is by Sulky.


Back stitch hand quilting a la Jacquie Harvey.


Hand and machine quilting side by side.  I am really pleased with the even length of the hand stitches, and this was despite a fraught week on the ageing parent front.


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Late summer, orange

Suburban sunset


Seen in Lower Marsh, part of the Yard Sale Project exhibition.

IMG 0009

Still stitching the surprise, so only glimpses here