Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dislocation, continuing

Needing respite from the wedding dramas on The Archers, I've been quilting the "Disclocate" quilt for the CQGB challenge.  This wadding is bearding quite substantially through the black fabric, so I'm not sure how this is going to turn out.


It's now becoming a habit to find an appropriate song, and this one took me back a long way.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Exhibition round-up- journals, tanks, textiles and glass

I realise I've send  few exhibitions this month and haven't posted anything about them.  So this is a quick reminder for me really of what I've seen.

First up, the contemporary Quilt Group journal quilt exhibition at the Creative Stitching show at the Excel in London.  I wasn't too taken with this show, not sure why, it seemed a real miss mash of too many different crafts with little focus on showcasing any particular one.  These journals really caught my eye




The week after a visit to the White Cube gallery to see the leather tank.  This was really amazing and I did manage to sneak a photo as those on the website  do not give any idea of the scale.  This is full size,stitched completely by hand by an "army" of stitchers.  once again, my mind rang with thoughts of the artist versus the artisan.


Lovely railings and reflections on the way



Then on to Artist Textiles, Picsaso to Warhol  at the Fashion and Textile Museum.  This is on until 17 May and is well worth a visit.  Lots of lovely fabrics, beautifully curated with really informative posters accompanying the cloth.  By the end I did wonder why there seem to be so few contemporary, named artists working with cloth manufacturers now.  It may be to do with the change from screen printing to roller printing of cloth, as many of the designs below were screen printed, so perhaps the artist maintains more control in that circumstance.

Salvador Dali - I love those swirly lines that build up the dancers


Dali again - bony spines?


Can't remember this one


Picasso - given as a freebie to attendees at a student conference


Joan Miro


Andy Warhol


John Piper- yes, this is cloth


As evr, when I'm on that street, I finished the day with a dash into the London GlassBlowing Studio.  When will someone notice my obsession with Peter Layton and the colours of his glass?  I have a significant birthday coming up in 4 years if any of my family are reading!


Monday, 21 April 2014

Foolishly laying our hearts on the table... be sent to the fundraising "Hearts tombola" for the Quilters' Guild at Festival of Quilts.  These little purses are surprisingly simple to make


and I find it much easier to get a consistent shape than it is with the same pouch pattern, but made in a circle.

(The title is from a song by Suzi Quattro.)

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Firsts of the season

Away in Norfolk this week, and a few firsts of the year:





Cromer crab


and a quilt block in a black and blue project, inspired by this book 



Monday, 14 April 2014

Tra le la le la Triangle….yes, that is a song title*...

… and the kaleidoscope quilt now has a triangle border.


A miscalculation of size led to the design solution of the black winged shapes in the corners.

It was surprisingly windy when these photos were taken.


but this gives the general idea, 


It is now 58 inches square, and I am deciding if it needs a broad black border to frame it.

In the black theme, my Queen of the Night tulips blossomed today, wonderful.

Tulip mosaic

*The song is by Patsy Cline.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tools required………..

…a delivery of new garden furniture this week came with the accompanying helpful picture showing what tools would be needed for assembly.


Can someone now please find me several of those, preferably armed with garden implements, buckets, mops and dusters?